Making Concrete Pouring to a Whole New Level with Your Betamix Truck Mixer!

Betamix, which has started its initiatives in the sector in 1974, is increasing its production volume day by day with a wide range of products with high quality standards from 4m3 to 16m3.

Betamix, which has a wide product range and customer base thanks to its constantly increasing technological infrastructure and customer-oriented service approach, brings together various types of truck mixers suitable for every budget with its PRO, ECO, HARD and LIGHT series to its customers.

Taking into account the special requirements of different geographical regions, Betamix adopts the marketplace approach that constantly renews itself, which is required by local and international regulations.

Betamix mixing drums and all other parts exposed to wear are reinforced from 4 mm to 10 mm thick steel, providing maximum resistance against wearing. In addition, thanks to their impeccable designs, Betamix truck mixers offer not only high capacity and ease of use, but also the desired service life.

Betamix uses the appropriate equipments in accordance with customer demands and needs in all the truck mixers offered from 4m3 to 12m3, and maintains its presence not only in Turkey but all over the world with its products, which have committed to the 2-years warranty against manufacturing defects.

Betamix not only uses the best-in-class materials in the main equipment that forms the heart of your truck mixer, such as hydraulic equipment and sheet metal quality, but also takes care even to the smallest parts. Therefore, Betamix truck mixers are the final products of superior quality and impeccable performance from top to bottom.