BETAMIX PRO Series truck mixers are not only the most preferred series in Turkey; they are also the pioneer of its class compared to their competitors on the market thanks to their high material quality and affordable prices. The mixing drums and spirals of Betamix PRO truck mixers are made of S500-MC sheet metal and their wear resistance is quite high thanks to their special chemical composition.

The spirals in BETAMIX PRO truck mixers are twisted in precisely defined positions before being welded into the mixing drum. The twisted spirals can then be positioned inside the drum with almost no tension and can be welded. This process extends the life of the spirals by relaxing the welding seams

You can add any option you desire from the option group in our spare parts to all BETAMIX PRO truck mixers at the most affordable prices in line with your demands and needs, and you can bring a new wrinckle to your truck mixers in line with your usage conditions!