BETAMIX was established by Mustafa Güler, one of the leading names in the sector, in 1974 in Ankara Ostim Industrial Zone with the aim of manufacturing concrete pumps and spare parts. Shortly after its establishment, our company has started to work on the production of truck mixers in all the capacities and truck mixer spare parts, taking into account the increasing need of our country for ready mixed concrete.

Our company, which was established with 100% domestic capital and increased its production volume rapidly and steadily every day, has continued its production in its modern integrated facility built on a 6.500 m² area in Ankara Saray Industrial Zone for many years, in a closed area of 3.500 m².

In 2016, it has become the only official manufacturer of Stetter truck mixers in Turkey by creating the StetterBeta brand in line with the agreement signed with the world’s leading company Schwing Stetter GmbH. With this cooperation, BETAMIX has gained a serious momentum not only in Turkey but also in the foreign market.


Today, BETAMIX, which has been increasing its recognition day by day thanks to its references all over the world, especially in European countries, has carried its experience of more than 40 years to a whole new dimension by building one of the largest truck mixer factories in Europe to meet the rapidly increasing demand thanks to its reputation and reliability in the sector.

The company aims to produce 3,000 truck mixers per year and to employ more than 250 people, with its new factory established on a 40 decare land with a total closed area of 13,500 m², including a production area of 12,500 m².

The primary aim of the company is to meet the needs on the basis of the sector, to provide the best service in the assembly and service stages and to ensure customer satisfaction. In this direction, not only in the sales process; by following a superior service policy in after-sales services, it also undertakes 24/7 customer support with its experienced team, solution-oriented service approach, reliable spare parts services.

SINCE 1974

BETAMIX, with its quality, functionality, efficiency, and perfect ergonomic designs created to achieve the highest level of performance in the most difficult conditions, is proud of being the largest truck mixer manufacturer in Turkey, established with domestic capital since 1974.



Our factory, which we built to meet the rapidly increasing demand for our brand and increasing production volume, has been put into operation in the first quarter of 2023. The factory, which was established on a total of 40 decares of land, has a production area of 12,500 m², of which 13,500 m² is a total closed area.

Our facility, which is one of the largest truck mixer factories in Europe, meets the needs of the industry with its modern and integrated stations, warehouse system in European standards, high technology sandblasting and paint booths. BETAMIX Factory, located in Ankara Başkent Organized Industrial Zone, has safe and comfortable working areas where the most suitable conditions are provided for employees, as well as resting and common social areas.


As BETAMIX, we touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in more than 40 countries in different geographies of the world focusing on creating value for the nation of every country, especially our own nation, on the long road we set out with the goal of a more livable world.


Being aware of the fact that product quality and product continuity are the most important factors for its customers, BETAMIX aims to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction, which is its number one priority, and to always offer high quality, long-lasting products to its customers. In this direction, our company adopts certain strategic policies within the scope of quality standards.


BETAMIX acts with the awareness that sustainable development passes through a sustainable environment and carries out all the process within the framework of respect for nature. We are effectively implementing the Environmental Management System, which we have established in accordance with the environmental legislation and the requirements of the ISO 14001 Standard, with the participation of all our employees, and we are improving it more and more each single day. In this direction, our company adopts certain strategic policies towards the environment and nature.


BETAMIX aims to carry out all stages of production activities in a healthy and safe working environment. Our company cares and undertakes to fulfill its responsibility for the creation of healthy individuals and workforce. In line with this goal, BETAMIX follows certain strategic policies in the field of occupational safety and health.


Based on our motto that “Our customer satisfaction is our priority”, BETAMIX has created a wide service network that provides instant intervention and easy access since the first day of its establishment. Our company, which has the opportunity to intervene immediately to the problems experienced in the after-sales processes thanks to its dealerships and contacts in the several points of Turkey, also has a mobile after-sales services car.