Get a Long-Term Companion with Your Betamix Trailer Mixer!

Betamix, not only produces truck mixers, but also continues to sell the trailer mixers in different capacities from 12 m³ to 16 m³ in all around the world, especially in European countries.

In addition to the hydraulic equipment and to the wear-resistant sheet metal quality, every part of your trailer mixer, such as accessories, axles, tires, rims and king pins, consists of best-in-class quality.

As a result of their flawless designs, Betamix trailer mixers offer not only high capacity and ease of use, but also a long-term service life.

BETAMIX continues its existence not only in Turkey but all over the world by undertaking a 2-year warranty against production faults for its trailer mixers of all capacities and series.


BETAMIX not only uses best-in-class materials in the main equipments creating the heart of your trailer mixer, such as hydraulic equipment and sheet metal quality; at the same time, it takes care that even the smallest parts of your trailer mixer such as fire cabinets, plastic water tanks and material cabinets are the best quality. With this awareness, BETAMIX trailer mixers are products of superior quality and flawless performance from top to bottom.