Set the Standards with Your StetterBeta Truck Mixer!

Betamix, the only official Stetter truck mixer manufacturer in Turkey, as a result of its long-term cooperation developed with the world giant Schwing Stetter GmbH Company, has been bringing StetterBeta truck mixers together with its valued customers and business partners in Turkey for more than 6 years.

Betamix has committed to superior performance, maximum durability and minimum wear with the StetterBeta brand, which has been created by combining German standards and the quality with domestic production.

Budget-friendly StetterBeta truck mixer, which is the best in its class with a high loading capacity from 8 m³ to 12 m³ and a low wear rate, guarantees superior efficiency.

As a result of the customer-oriented approach, for meeting the needs of customers, the StetterBeta truck mixers are equipped with the high level spare parts and hydraulic equipments. StetterBeta, the only truck mixer in Turkey with all of its spare parts approved by Schwing Stetter GmbH, makes moves to meet the needs of the sector and becomes one of the most preferred truck mixer brands in Turkey.

StetterBeta, which is the result of the combination of the best-in-class materials, offers a long service life to its customers and provides easy operation thanks to its ergonomic design.