BETAMIX HARD Series truck mixers are the most powerful and durable concrete mixers not only among the BETAMIX series, but also among all the other truck mixers available on the marketplace. The mixing drum and spirals of the HARD series are manufactured by Arcelor-Mittal HB-450 4mm sheet metal and their high strength ensures a long service life, efficient results even in the most challenging conditions.

BETAMIX HARD truck mixers introduce their users to a long-lasting and robust concrete mixer due to the quality of the material used and the sheet structure. The HARD series truck mixers, which are blended with best-in-class hydraulic equipments that provide low maintenance, perfect transmission and maximum power, are much higher of your expectations.

You can add any option you desire from the option group in our spare parts to all BETAMIX HARD truck mixers at the most affordable prices in line with your demands and needs, and you can bring a new wrinckle to your truck mixers in line with your usage conditions!